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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. protestors flood the streets of san francisco hours after the d.a. officially clears two police officers in the controversial police shooting. the call for justice is ringing out this morning. >> and also, the work is starting this morning on the suicide barrier from the golden gate bridge. we'll tell you about the kickoff ceremony for this historic project. mornings on two continues. five:00 and welcome back to mornings on 2. hopefully you are staying here in the bay area to enjoy the weekend that is to come and hopefully you -- like we told you. >> yes. >> and so it's sprinkling at least in the east bay where i ly. >> yeah. >> and ktvu is here in oak lap. >> right. >> and i don't know what you see or here. but this thursday morning, i'm in for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. and. >> funny you say that. a lot of people say where is the studio? over in the city?
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we're like no. -- judge right here. >> and yeah, it's -- we point that out. and maybe off-and-on today, rain and some of this is moving onshore and showing that right now in san francisco. marin, cooler showers. maybe thundershowers north and east for sure north. north mendocino county. looking good sunday afternoon, and rain comes in. the system is gone from the cold front overnight and this is the end. stable air behind that and starting north. some lightning strikes off of fort bragg and looks like that is there, there and looks like it's going through there and you're in line for more active weather than anyone else. and moving into lake county and to clear lake, lakeport picked up a half an inch of rain and this is into northern sonoma county and cloverdale and windsor. the guys look like -- and this is another moving on shore and right along the marin headlands and beach into san francisco. and into richmond, berkeley, and oakland and into the san mateo coast and into south san
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francisco. so, we have aways to go yet and this will die off by tonight. and we'll see the nice weather tomorrow. the next system is not due until sunday. the temperatures today, 40s and 50s to start off with. overall, we're looking for a watchful build up in the afternoon. and you can see the speckled cloud. once that rotates in, that can get some good cumulous development in the hills and something to watch this afternoon. the 50s and 60s. all right, 5:02. anything on your screens yet? >> no, we have earlier problems on the bay bridge. that is cleared up a few things here and there. overall, the commute looks good. light start with the commute on westbound 580 through the livermore valley and into tracy. you can see it's slow and into that altamont pass. at 238, where it connects to northbound 880 in the castor valley-880 area, there is a report of a collision and one of the bumpers might be in the
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area. no injuries to report but there might be debris in that area because of it. we told you about the earlier crashes that happened one on the fremont offramp. the bay bridge and another one west of treasure island. that is cleared out of the way. as we're off of the bay bridge closer to the harrison street offramp, chp reporting road hazards and we don't know exactly what it is. and they don't say, but that road hazard, something the road is blocking the two left lanes and be aware of that. a closer look into the bay bridge toll plaza and more cars on the road and that is as the morning goes on and 880 in the northbound and south directions, the north arena and coliseum look good this morning. and new this morning, the deadly two-car crash in san jose near the oak ridge mall. one person was killed and another hurt. this happened before 9:30 at santa theresa boulevard on highway 85. the drivers of both cars were rushed to the hospital. one died and another is listed in critical condition.
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there were no passengers in another car. the area was sealed off for several hours while the cause of the crash was investigated. also, a pedestrian in san mateo was hit and killed by a car on highway 92. and this happened on the westbound lanes near el camino real. a white lexus hit the pedestrian and there is no word why the person is in the highway and they have reopened since. last night, angry demonstrators in san francisco hit the streets of the mission district. >> what do we do? we fight back. >> and this protest came hours after the district attorney decided not to file charges against two police officers who killed the man in the mission district more than two years ago. and d.a. found insufficient evidence senting claims that the police officers unlawfully shot the man six times in the back as he ran away; however, protestors said they're angry and outraged over the fatal shooting of that
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immigrant from guatemala. >> and when the moment arrives and the decision is announced, it was a shock and it has opened up some very deep wounds in this community. >> the body of evident supports the -- by the officers and in total, more than 3 dozen civilians provided statements regarding the shooting. >> the plain clothes police officers said that they had to open fire to protect themselves and others from a man who they say was acting erratically and was armed with a knife. and our time is 5:05. we're getting a closer look this morning at the people linked to the assault and other criminal acts that occurred during a melee at civic center park in berkeley last month. the photos released by police yesterday show hundreds of pro and anti-trump demonstrators that gathered at the park on march 4th. the demonstrations led to several physical confrontations. several demonstrators have six, others had pepper spray and you can see what is happening here. about a dozen people were
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arrested and berkeley police are still searching for more suspects. the authorities want anyone who has video or photos of that rally or if they witnessed a crime to call the police. and the bay area widow of the gunman in the florida night club massacre pleaded not guilty to federal charges. noor salman agreed to be transferred from the santa rita jail in dublin to orlando, florida. she made the first court appearance in the florida court yesterday. she is charged with aiding and a betting or husband, omar mateen, and obstruction of justice. her attorney waived the reading of an indictment and entered a not guilty plea. she knew about mateen's plans for the night club attack last year. 49 people were killed. and uber is facing a final -- and a million dollars this morning for allegedly failing to suspended or investigate uber drivers who were suspected of being under the influence. the state public utility's commission reviewed 154 complaints about uber drivers suspected of driving while intoxicated from august 2014
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to august of 2015. it found that in all but three cases, the company failed to either investigate or suspended the drivers. they will have a chance to provide evident and contest the penalty in the hearing before an administrative -- before administrative law judge. 5:07 is the time. california's attorney said the state banned against taxpayer funded travel to north carolina will continue even though the controversial bathroom bill has been repealed. the attorney said that the repeal of the north carolina bill is not adequate because's new bill in the state bans local governments and universities from passing their own ordinances to prohibit discrimination against lgbt people. the california law took affect in january that bans state- funded travel to any states with laws that the discriminate against lgbt people. california's also banning taxpayer-funded travel to kansas, mississippi, and tennessee. and time is 5:07. the 9-year-old boy who survived
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a shooting at his elementary school in san bernardino is still recovering. the parents of nolan brandon showed this -- shared this photo of him. estimate say he's in good spirits. he and another the boy were standing behind the teacher when her estranged husband shot and killed her and then turned the gun on himself. the family said that they're thankful for all of the prayers and support they have receivedness is nolan was hurt. and time is 5:08. an eight-year-old on a mission to mcdonald's told cops where he learned how to drive to get a hamburger for his sister. >> and president trump is doing a 180 on a campaign promise. the move from the white house that may help slow the threat from north korea. . . >> and coming up, we're going to have a look at the commute in the south bay. one accident on that southbound east to tell you about in san jose. for now, the drive on the san
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mateo bridge looks good. we'll be right back. ht back. . >> and a system of this, you know, if you will, and it's this time of the year the possibility of thundershowers exists. later and i know into the north, another band is moving on shore right there. ht there.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 5:11. the u.s. and china appeared to have worked out an unusual bargain. president trump backing away from one of the campaign promises said that he will no longer label china as a currency manipulator, something that could have led to higher taxes on chinese goods. instead, president trump is now saying he is confident that the president of china will help the united states deal with north americagra year and the point -- north korea and the mounting threat from north korea. north korea increased the missile launches and spy
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satellites show they're preparing for another nuclear test. north korea said it will launch a nuclear strike on the u.s. if they are attacked. and political observers said the trump administration could be in for a big shakeup. president trump said the big changes are happening and there are signs of this in his policies. doug luzader reports from washington. >> reporter: a general -- it generally doesn't take too long for administrations to face challenges from a competing staff, but for president trump, it comes down to these two men. both of whom may have had significant sway with their boss. the palace intrigue game has begun inside the white house. a chief strategist steve banonvillified by critics and long considered the architect of a number of trump initiatives may see his power waning. one clear indication, the boss telling the new york post i like steve but you have to remember, he was not involved in my campaign until very late. the white house spokesman sean spicer said this has to do with the trump agenda. >> and i think the line is
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blurred a bit. he wanted to make it clear. at the same time, express confidence in the team that is here and the talent that he assembled. >> reporter: a census in the white house, trump's son-in- law, jared kushner, an advisor with more leadings who has been clashing with bannon and with west wing tensions mounting, trumps this: steve is a good guy, but i told him to straighten it out or i will. >> you know, it's never a good idea to get on the wrong side of your boss' family. that is a fairly good rule to follow. >> reporter: there are signs that some of trump's recent moves that bannon's stock mean falling, including the bombing of the syrian air field last week, improving relations with china and praising nato at the white house yesterday. and then, of course, there is russia during the campaign, the president spoke about having better relations between the u.s. and russia and hasn't quite worked out that way. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> and time is 5:13.
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check the commute starting to get busy, isn't it? >> it is and things are looking good and coming up, you have a good drive there on the 101 northbound through morgan hill and into san jose. the only issue to tell you about in the south bay, really is southbound 87 where you see that crash icon flashing. north of the airport. one of the drivers involved in that wreck is apparently reporting some standing water on southbound 87, south of 101. something to be aware of if you're driving through that area. and looking at 280 in the northbound direction for 17 in cupertino, traffic looks good. and the bay bridge toll plaza getting busy area as the morning goes on. a smooth drive still and one thing to be aware of, though, as you get across the bay bridge and entering into san francisco near the harrison street offramp. chp is warning a traffic hazard blocking the two left lanes.
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again, this is westbound 80 near harrison street in the city and don't have notes go what is block the two lanes but keep an eye out for that. time now is 5:15. >> yes. >> and looks like blue skies later today. >> and you will have -- it's midwest weather today, allie. >> i will take that. >> you know what i mean by that? >> yes, i do. >> rainy one minute and sunny the next. >> and that is correct. >> you look at the midwest? >> and i didn't work there. i went to school in chicago. >> northwestern? >> yes. >> and the team did well this year? >> they did. >> and i worked in weather in chicago. wbbm. you learn a lot. [ laughter ] >> and this is the snow. which i loved and get a blizzard on lakeshore drive and o'hare. that was the forecast.
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i was right. the sierra is about to set a record. what kind of record? the 8 station sierra index, which is combination of all of those is on track to set a record for the wettest water year every. within .3 of an inch and i think they will get it today. greater than 1982,-'83 and there is a winter weather advisory. and that is tough travel and chain controls. here they go again. there are signs at the end of the month, a big warm-up and that is two weeks away and we'll see if that materializes a lot. and two inches of rain. if i am not mistaken, i am close to 100 inches of rain for the season. i think they're around 95 for him and they're close to setting a record as well for
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the water. mont rio and, excuse me, the russian receiver, 1.39. saratoga hills and picked up over an inch of rain. santa cruz, 3 quarters and a half an inch in oakland. there are a couple of systems to go here. we have more than the garden variety shower activity and a possibility of thundershowers, nice on friday, saturday and sunday into monday and tuesday. looks like rain returns on easter sunday. the morning still looks okay. the afternoon doesn't. watch how the systems are rotating back in from marine county to san francisco and looming the san mateo coast and in the peninsula. doing good thunder and heavy rain from fort bragg north and south of that. it's not as much. the farther north you go, a better opportunity to get in the severe weather and into lake county. this afternoon, i think you will see some good developments into the valley here and there is just a cool, unstable air mass coming in here for this time of the year and from clear lake and parts of lake county all the way into northern
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sonoma county, 101 to windsor and over the valley, mount tam to richmond, berkeley, oakland business san francisco and continuing to funnel in all the way down on the san mateo coast. look at that, imbedded within that, you can get some thunder and lightning and some, i think, some reports of hail. that is a good setup for today. the strongest dynamics are north and what is close enough for us here, 40s and 50s on the temps. again, just sun, clouds, showers and brief heavy rain. back to sun, cloud, showers in the forecast. and on the cool side, 46; boulder creek and sacramento, 32 in truckee with the winter weather advisory until at least 11 a.m. other areas go until tonight. plumas county and again, i don't want to confuse you too much. there is snow and wind advisory on the side of the sierra as well and could be a very active day today. the strongest, whoa, lifted northward and that is coming over us. we have a lot going on right now. fiftys and 60s on the temps, it's a cool day. the temperatures below average and they're going to stay there friday morning.
5:19 am
then they will bounce up on saturday and looks nice. sunday mornings are okay. sunday afternoon is not. >> okay. and -- thank you. the time is 5:19. for people who get priced out of san francisco's housing market, it may -- just unveiled new affordable housing. 67 apartments in the south of market area will be rented out. take a look in this building. the rents range from 860 a month for a studio, 1200 a month for a two bedroom. the tenants will have emincomes between 38,054,000 a year. the new residents said they're getting a new lease on life. >> and my children and i went through a lot of trauma. we ended up being homeless and we went couch surfing from my mothers to my sisters and i just -- i am so thankful. i can't put it into words. >> five years ago, mayor lee promised to bring 30,000 affordable housing units at the city and said they're halfway
5:20 am
there. >> it appears even doctors are getting priced out of san francisco's increasingly expensive housing market. the government numbers show the doctors are among the highest paid workers in america. a new study finds 41% of today's doctors can afford a home in san francisco and that is when you compare a doctor's annual meeting salary to the current median home price in san francisco. >> and it's 5:20. getting ready for easter. spring sprung and the sales of -- are blooming, too. how much we're expected to spend on the chocolate bunnies, the yellow marshmallows and more. ws and more. >> and the sharks take game one of the stanley cup finals play- offs, that is. we'll get there. and one step at a time. hear from fans and we'll show you highlights last night against the edmonton oilers. on oilers.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2 at 5:23. the san jose sharks are not favored to win the first-round play-off series, but last night, 3-2 overtime win could change how some people look at the chances. the edmonton oilers with a 2-0 lead in the first. they couldn't do anything after that. joel ward of the sharks, put the sharks on the board early in the second and paul martin tied it in the third. sending the game into overtime. and then carlson scored less than 3 and a half minutes into overtime and the sharks won. they have a 1-0 lead in the
5:24 am
best-of-7 series. a game 2, that is tomorrow night in edmonton. and the series moves to san jose on sunday. now, the sharks fans who couldn't make it to edmonton, they got together at some of the favorite bars and restaurants near the shark tank and cheered on the team. rookies in downtown san jose, obviously, this is shark's territory. the crowd was relieved to see the center logan couture was back playing in the lineup after being hit in the face with a puck three weeks ago. the fans are hopeful that the sharks will play long enough for thornton to get in the game. he hurt the ligs and -- leg and it's still healing. >> i am disappointed and i hope it comes back in the series. i -- hopefully. >> and the play-off, takes it for a team to get in. once you're in, really, anything can happen. >> and the shark's organization hopes that shark's fever will spread across the bay area.
5:25 am
downtown san jose businesses said last year's play-offs boosted the bottom line, especially the hotels, bars, and restaurants. and warriors closed out the regular season by beating the l.a. lakers, 109-94. kevin durant looks to be fully back from the ankle injury. and 24 the first half. and combined for 32 points and in action. and it was 2 and a half for the play-offs. green has the night off. and looking at the warriors play-off schedule for the first round against the trailblazers. and game one is sunday at 12:30 p.m. pacific time in oracle and game two, wednesday night at serve 30:00. game three -- at 7:30. and game three and four on april 22nd and 24th. if necessary, game five will be back at home in oakland. and game six to portland. seven at oner kill. the 90 -- at oracle. and in arizona, 6-2 at at&t park last night.
5:26 am
the giants pitcher matt king got the first run of the season. the first of any game since last august. and he also scored in the 5th after a -- right there and later, had the go ahead run and in that inning. parker with a two-run triple and the giants cruz to a win. giants take two out of three from arizona. tonight, they're hosting colorado. pound the royals 8-3. and the pitcher got beaten up by almost every team during spring training. he's doing better now that the season is started. a strong night and three batted in and in the series finale. when john madden, the former head coach of the oak raiders speak, people tend to listen when he talks about the
5:27 am
raiders. this is what he had to say on cirrous xm radio when asked about the team's impending move to las vegas. >> with the stadium now, when they move out, there are no more oakland raiders or history. and that really bottlers me. and all of the players and great games, boom, it goes away. >> he remains the coach with the most wins in raiders history. keeping california's children safe. the record level for incoming kindergarteners vaccinated for this school year. . >> rain moving through and thunderstorms today. we'll take a closer look at that coming up. ing up.
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. good morning. it's 5:30. would you believe there are new owners for mammoth mountain ski resort? denver-based aspensking will buy mammoth along with three other california resorts owned by mammoth: bear mountain, snow summit and june mountain for an undisclosed price and we have no other details. earlier this week, aspensking and its partner -- aspen skiing
5:31 am
and its partner kso, which owns squaw valley and meadows, are buying six other resorts across the u.s. and canada and will do it to make gasia happy. she loves it. >> and family is happy. we were up in tahoe. >> yeah. >> last weekend and the mounds of snow, i could not believe. was talking to steve pahlsson weather-wise about this. it looks good and where does that snow that turns into water when it runs down the mountain, where is the it end up? >> in the reservoirs or delta. >> and it was full woke when we talked about the reservoir. >> it's full and there is a lot of snow there and they're about ready to is the a record for the wettest rain year ever. i will show you you the stats in just a second. we have a symptom going through and getting rain. looks like a line of thunderstorms, or imbedded thunderstorms on the peninsula. we'll show you now there are winter weather advisories out. south lake tahoe is reporting
5:32 am
snow and thunder snow there briefly. i saw lightning flash. the h station index, the precipitation indexes for the sierra, mint shasta city and shasta dam to blue canyon and others in between are ready to set a record and 33/10 away. the wet of the, 82, 83. currently, 82, 83 and we'll see boy this afternoon, the national weather service in sacramento will be updating that and if you -- on twitter, ile that get to that soon. i would think they set the record by now. thunder and rain at 3 a.m. and a healthy 19 error 10 of rain. heavy rain moved off. into the valley for sure. napa county, solano county, contra costa and right here, we'll get to that in just a
5:33 am
second, lack county from cobb and middletown to northern sonoma county. moving in from hercules to san pablo bay and richmond, berkeley and san francisco, southern marine county. check it out on the san mateo coast from half moon bay to san gregorio. redwood city along the skyline and that is impressive there. some heavy rain within that and a possibility of some thundershower activity. reports of hail. and you can let me know. i'll look for sun breaks today. fortys, 50s on the temps and some possible thundershower activity. >> and things get busy area. let's hope that some of the rain you're talking about, the scattered showers, don't tie things up for commuters in the north bay on the westbound 80
5:34 am
corridor. it's getting slow in the hercules area and no specific problems to tell you about. checking out east contracosta county. highway 4, you will see the slowing there and no crashes or accidents to tell but 2345 in that area and you make your way toward the calde cut tunnel and the san mateo bridge in as we get closer to the 6:00 hour. the meters lights are on and you see the backup, 16-minute delay to the span there and time now is 5:44. and go back to the desk. kindergarten vaccination rates in california hit an all-
5:35 am
time high and the state department released an annual report, saying more than 95% of kindergarten students have been vaccinated. and that is up more than 5% since state lawmakers eliminated the personal belief exemptions to childhood vaccinations. meantime, the santa clara county, there is a new approach when it comes to fighting crime. the d.a.'s office wants to change the way the county collects and analyzes crime information. so, law enforcement can react quicker and more efficiently. prosecutors will be focused the new efforts on crimes involving guns. >> and we decided to be smarty by processing them through technology that can traffic the fingerprint unique data on guns and cartridges. >> and the prosecutor's plan to crack down on burglaries by consolidating several task
5:36 am
forces under one group and. >> a san francisco sheriff's deputy pleaded not guilty to federal insurance fraud charges. the 52-year-old april meyers was arrested in early february. investigators believed she staged the burglary at her home last year, claiming her service gun and other items were stolen. she filed a $67,000 insurance claim. she gave the gun to her boyfriend who is a convicted felon she met while he was in jail. and. a taxi driver accused --d judge for the first time today. 42-year-old of santa rosa -- and intoxicated woman. we picked up from the casino last december and. time is 5:36. and look at what the new pfeiffer canyon bridge near big sur will soon look like. caltransreleased the information. the old bridge started to
5:37 am
collapse after the rains in february caused a landslide and shifted is the columns. they're leaving people stranded and businesses with no customers. the new bridge is designed to go across the canyon without any support. caltranshopes to open that in september. and in new york city, the body of a prominent judge was found. and she was the first african- american woman appointed to the highest court. her body washed up and the same day she was reported missing. the investigation continues this morning but police say there were no visible signs of trauma or foul play. and time is now 5:37. the two women accused of killing kim jong nav, the brother of north korea's leader, they're in court this morning. the two suspects were flagged by heavy security as they appeared in the court in malaysia. y that accused of smearing his face with a bad chemical at a
5:38 am
busy airport terminal. kim died within an hour of the attack. an 8-year-old boy in ohio really wanted a cheeseburger so he jumped into the dad's van and got it himself. the police say he had the cheeseburger craving sunday evening and put the four-year- old sister in the back seat of the van and he got behind the wheel driving a mile to the nearest mcdonald's. the police officer spotted the boy in the parking lot as he was enjoying his cheeseburger with his sister. >> what are you doings? >> me and my sister really wanted a cheeseburger and then i asked him how he learned how to drive. he said he looked up a youtube video on how to drive. >> and -- . >> yeah, right. >> and all the red lights and within the speedlimits and could be worse. >> and it could have been. >> and that is scary. and time is 5:38. and still ahead, two california school districts with food over bacon and hot dogs.
5:39 am
at 6:00, why certain meats don't belong on a school menu. >> and the technology taken for granted. for one runner, the app is about to change his life. he was going to rely on technology to help him run the boston marathon. the story is next. s next. >> and you drive-thru most of the bay area and looks good. the toll plaza is good. and we'll have a full look at the commute coming up. ng up.
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t.j.maxx . welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 5:41. apple is reportedly working on a new device to help diabetics track their blood sugar levels. they say it involves a sensor to measure blood glucose by shining a light through the skin. and apple is conducting trials.
5:42 am
more than 370 million people suffer from diabetes around the world. other companies are work ago similar products. and each may have something extra in them. americans are expected to spend a recordament this year. they expect americans to spend 152 each. that is up 6% from last year and sean lifts said the increase comes down to timing. the tax deadline is two days after easter and that means refunded checks are coming in. and a new study finds teenagers find more -- spend more money on food than anything else. and that the favorite food stop is chick fillet. after foods, spending 19% of the cash on clothing and followed by cars, cosmetics, shoes and electronics. >> and 5:42 is the time. nintendo offering a lot of money now if you know security. you can find vulnerability in
5:43 am
the latest console. you can walk away with 20,000 dollars and depends on how bad the flaw is and how it's exploited and can be and also the quality of your report. >> and. officials say kill schedule is moving closer to energy. one day last month, the state ran on 40% silver energy for three hours. since then, energy operators broke a statewide record and california briefly hit 60% renewable energy. last year, they represented 13% in the state's energy use and officials say the price of energy should drop. >> and that is helping the price. water is free and all we have
5:44 am
to do is build the facilities to use it. >> and energy experts say the california is years away. there is no affordable way to store the energy collected from the sun or wind. and time is 5:44. and this is interesting. an athlete will use new technology to run in the boston marathon. and this is how it's going to work. the runner wears a pair of goggle glass, google glass with a camera on the plane. and they have the cameras connected to the app on the runner's phone and that they can connect to anyone in the u.s. who sees everything from their point of view and can guide them through the streets. >> i can trigger the apps in the phone and this is the layout. >> i am nervous and anxious and piloted. >> and the app worked beyond as
5:45 am
long as someone can see that point of view. and where glasses can. and he can be guided in and around anywhere in the u.s. >> and. we're starting with the far east bay. tracy, if you're coming west on 580 and some slowing. switching gears and going to the south bay. there was an earlier crash. the icon just disappeared and that is looking like it's cleared out of the way and keeping an eye on northbound 87 up in julian street offramp. the san jose police reporting one of the right lanes is flooded and doesn't look like the traffic sensors are picking up an impact from that and
5:46 am
northbound 280 and this is a look at 280 north in san jose and some traffic moving along nicely. and it's typical for the time of the morning. lights on for 49 minutes and you can see the 20, 25-minute backup to the span and time now is 8:06. and some is moving on now from marine county to san mateo and the peninsula and the bay. again, i think the potential for severe is good here. you get this cold, unstable air mass in mid-april and that is a recipe. and 1 point error error 86, there are others, oxidental at
5:47 am
1.68 andmont rio, 1.39. and greenville ranch, santa cruz, 3 clashes and a -- three quarters and a half an inch of rain. we'll get some hit-and-miss today, shower activity and a possibility of thundershowers and that is clearing out tonight and musics -- looks look rain moves in and the h station for the sierra and that is about tosy's -- set a record and they're good here and have live updates and y scope on twitter and stuff. and 82-point wois the the current ointment of inches and in morn 82, '-yeah, as you know and going to go past that. if you -- 1982-'83 and as you are going to go past that. and tough travel. also not only that, but i think they will sit a record here any
5:48 am
time and rain from marine county to berkeley and richmond and into that golden gate brim and some can produce brief heavy rain and some thunderstorm activity. and check out what is going on and there is a line and back towards parts of sonoma county. the main ban is this and stretching south and look at this from halfway bay and into highway 1 and that is giving us an active day here and cooler but 42 kelseyville and petaluma, and sevastopol and
5:49 am
goes until 11:00 and cold, instable air and a possibility of good buildups and 50s and 60s on the temps and cool, cool pattern here and going to stay here. the next few days will be nice, especially saturday and sunday afternoon, evening, we bring rain into monday. and all right. >> okay. >> and time is 5:41. >> and we have to brag on one of the colleagues. there is a new member of the family. >> and that is gorgeous. >> and 87, morn early wednesday morning and a healthy 10 pounds. >> wow. >> and that is a bouncing baby boy and looking out from mateo,
5:50 am
wonderful to see and i am excited for him and he grew up in berkeley and there is no shortage of attention and -- no shortage of attention. >> bravo, bravo. and time is 5:50. the doctor, remember him? he was told and -- pulled and dragged off of the united airlines flight. and appears ready to sue the airline now. we'll have the latest on united's attempt to stop the pr nightmare. nightmare.
5:51 am
5:52 am
. time is 5:52. and we expect to hear from the family of the men forcibly removed from, nighted airlines plane. the daughter of dr. david dow scheduled a news conference in chicago at 8 this morning our time. the police officers at o'hare airport dragged the scene-year- old off of the unite -- 69-year-
5:53 am
old off of the united express jet heading from lose -- heading from louisville, kentucky. he filed papers asking a illinois court to order united to preserve surveillance footage, cockpit recordings and other information in this case. meantime, unite side offering refunds to every passenger. the company ceo said the airline changed the policies. >> and we're not going to put a law enforcement official to take them on, to remove a booked, paid, seating passenger they explained the confrontation between dow and art security. >> and that were saying you have to pick up year seat and this is not right and i have been travelling's long way and i have to go home. are you going to get up the trouble? ended up with a record and in
5:54 am
jail. >> and he is expected to see united and the city of chicago, responsible for city in o'hare. and the city council is holding a hearing to examine the issue of bumping passengers off of the flight. and our time is 5:54. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors will talk about how to close a budget deficit of 25 to $35 million. they will consider proposals to reduce service and also reduce fare discounts with the elderly, young people and disabled and. >> parents and teeners packed an open school board meeting last night and protesting cuts
5:55 am
to public schools. >> and there is no reason why they should charge our children for their mistake. >> and they need to cut spending by $10 million and proposed cutting special ed and early childhood education and they're looking at hiring freezes, and limiting purchases made and covering up travel. >> and i will -- to go on a field trip and i am paying into that go fund me. >> and other issue, the possible cancellation of ac transit bus service to three oakland schools and the school district said it can't pay the $2.5 million a year and that is to reimburse ac transit. wells fargo reported the results this morning before the market opens. the banking giant posted earnings -- earnings a dollar a share and this is after the
5:56 am
employees opened up to 2 million checking and credit card accounts without authorization from customers. employees were trying to meet sky-high sales goals. wells fargo paid millions in pipes and settled a $110 million class-action lawsuit. >> and. time is 5 picks tool. a longtime problem for the bay area is being addressed this morning. at 6:00, we're at the golden gate bridge live and with -- where the work will begin. we'll tell you the cost and how it affections traffic when we come back. >> and first in-flight. and why they won't be there. >> and in hockey, reporting no major problems on bay area roadways and just the usual slow going in spots for your morning commute, including the bay bridge toll plaza and we'll have a look here and in contra costa county. next. >> and more bands of rain are moving on shore and going live to the gold know gate. it's raining there and looks like it on radar and for you
5:57 am
later today. possible thundershowers. thundershowers.
5:58 am
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. construction begins on a suicide deterrent at the golden gate bridge. why many are saying it's a longtime coming. >> and police catch up with the murder suspect overnight. showing you what happened and your mornings on two continues. 6:00 this thursday morning. welcome back to mornings to 2. it's april 13th. i am in early again for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson is hinting you may want to take an umbrella again? >> and. >> there is rain moving on shore again, not for everybody and there are areas where it's coming good here and we'll get waves and breaks and that is going to be with us tomorrow. and the middle of next week. and we will get a break on friday and saturday. not today and not on sunday afternoon. evening or into monday or
6:00 am
tuesday and you will enjoy friday and saturday, and light think in to the north. a line stretching here from lake county, clear lake and middle town. hidden valley lake and from windsor and into the russian river area and in between here, hillsborough and a little bit coming on shore. the bigger one is taking aim toward vahey and veindonesia and rodeo, hercules at the golden gate brim and southern marin county and into san francisco and berkley and into berkeley. a bigger line and those on the peninsula from san mateo coast and cool, unstable air mass. the higher days and longer stable and there is a possibility here. >> and i have it so far.


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